Terms and conditions

 Thank you for respecting the following terms and conditions.

     From the accommodation contract arises visitor temporary accommodation for an agreed period of time in the Roubenka Boží Dar.

The accommodation contract is concluded either in writing (in the case of written or e-mail booking guests) or orally (in the case of telephone bookings guest or guest accommodation without booking).

The contract includes the rights and obligations covered by this house rules and price list of services. Accommodation Regulations and price list as of the date of conclusion of the Accommodation Agreement are for guest accommodation for binding.

  • Guest accommodations at the onset to submit personal documents for inclusion in a book accommodation and pay the agreed sum of money for the stay and lodge a refundable deposit. The landlord filed guest and acknowledge him pay the agreed amount for the stay.
  • Host je oprávněn ubytovat se první den pobytu nejdříve od 16.00 hodin a nejpozději do 19.00 hodin daného dne, není-li dohodnuto jinak.
  • Host is authorized to accommodate the first day of residence in from 16.00 hours and no later than 19.00 hours on that day, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Guests receive 2 keys (1 key from the apartment and one key for the front door). These keys will retain its disposal throughout your stay. The guest is obliged to properly keep these keys. Is not entitled to make duplicates of keys or allow a third party to purchase duplicates klíčů.Host is obliged to hand over the keys to owner upon departure. If keys are lost, the guest is obliged to pay a contractual penalty (refund of keys) in the amount of 2000 CZK.
  • Clients can not be changed during the stay (residence may attend only persons duly registered in the book of accommodation).
  • Guest parking is entitled to a maximum of one passenger vehicle in the parking lot free ubytovatele.Host is required to properly lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables in it.
  • When first coming into the apartment, guests are required to check that it is free of defects, if any defects found immediately report to the lodging provider.
  • When leaving the apartment the guest is always required to close the window and taps, turn off electrical appliances, turn off the lights and lock the front door of the apartment. The landlord is not liable for the loss of the guest, if the apartment was not properly locked. Host is responsible for damage to the equipment of the apartment, if it has been lost or damaged in the event that the apartment was not properly locked guest.
  • Guest must always lock the main entrance to the building when coming or going from the building.
  • Guest is responsible for damage to or loss of equipment of the apartment, which occurred during his stay, and is obliged to compensate the damage caused to the lodging provider.
  • The apartment can be accommodated only by persons who are not affected by infectious diseases, quarantined, under the influence of alcohol, narcotics and psychotropic substances.
  • For security reasons it is not permitted to leave children under 10 years old in the apartment unattended persons older than 18 years. Self-contained accommodation guest must be over 18 years old.
  • Guests are entitled to walk into the apartment people not staying, to allow anyone to enter the apartment, or let any person not staying to sleep.
  • In all areas of the house is a non-smoking and open flames!
  • Guests can not use their own electrical appliances except those used for personal hygiene, ie razors, hair dryers, and the like. Guest can use appliances with low power consumption, used for personal use, ie laptops, chargers, el. appliances, portable DVD player.
  • In the period from 22.00 to 7.00 hours, the guest is obliged to observe the silence of the night.
  • To maintain the purity of the guests off their boots to slippers at the doorway of the house - slippers with you.

We reserve the right to immediately terminate the service in case:

  1. Stay in excess of the number of people either total capacity or a higher number of people than has been reported.
  2. There will be an increase in arbitrary or exchange of persons during the stay (without the knowledge of the accommodation).
  3. Breaches of the ban on smoking and open flames.
  4. The lessor finds any pet stay.
  5. The client does not report the defect, failure or damage promptly furnishing.
  6. Client board to stay under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.

In all cases, there is no right to a refund of any unused payments for services.


Reservations and deposit

For a binding booking date require a deposit of 30% of the total accommodation sent to our account, which will in turn We tell along with the order confirmation.
Prior reservation will be canceled if no advance payment deadline for sending in the order confirmation.
Supplement the remaining amount of the total accommodation price and is payable in cash or bank transfer no later than 5 days before arrival.



At the onset of the stay we require a deposit of CZK 5,000 in cash (credit cards accepted) .
The deposit is returned in full at the end of the stay if no damage to property.
Timber is handed over to always be cleaned in a state fit for normal use . Any defects , malfunctions, claim or damage to the equipment and the object must notify the Landlord without delay in order to take adequate measures in advance of the arrival of new clients.
The customer is obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in all areas and surroundings ( cleaning supplies are part of the premises used for accommodation) and hand over the object in the same condition in which it was received . If they do not, the landlord is entitled to a reasonable deduction from the deposit.
During the stay is necessary to ensure protection of equipment against damage to the property , especially the beds and sofas against mechanical damage and dirt jumping children.
Without the express consent of the accommodation is not possible to make changes in areas of the object ( moving furniture , moving equipment, etc. . ) .
If damages are awarded such an extent that the object is taken out of service , the customer is obliged , inter alia, for the period of repairs and lost profits to pay the owner of the valid price list for the period.
The operator therefore reserves the right to enter a building during guests' stay in order to check compliance .
Orders ages up to 25 years of age , the amount of bail set at CZK 10,000 , returning to transfer to the account within three working days of the end of the stay , where no property damage.


Cancellation Policy

The customer has the right to withdraw from the order (SMS, mail server synchro, or in writing). A moment of withdrawal shall be the date of service (SMS, mail server synchro or pís.dokladu) of order cancellation owners.
30 or more days before arrival: a handling fee of CZK 500
29-20 days before the start of stay: cancellation of 50% advance payment
19 days or less before the start of stay: cancellation of 100% advance payment
Cancellation fees will not apply in the event that the guest shall pay for itself.
Early departures guest does Guests receive a refund of unused payment for services.
Along with the payment of advance payments host accepts all payment and operating conditions Roubenky and agrees to adhere to these terms.


Insurance stays

Chartered stay clients use at your own risk. For injury, damage and destruction of property (liability for damage caused to health or property of a third party), for theft of luggage for the stay, as well as for damage (premature termination of the stay) caused by natural elements (frost, snow, ice, water, wind and so on.) or disaster and damage with these events are not responsible.
We recommend prior to departure conclude appropriate travel insurance or insurance.


The building is located in the center of highest city in the country.


Apartment 1

Apartment on the ground floor. Accommodation capacity 5 persons.


Apartment 2

Apartment in the attic. Accommodation capacity 7 persons.



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