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Roubenka Boží Dar

Mountain recreation and tourist center on the plateau of the Ore Mountains, the highest town in the Czech Republic (1028m).

The town was founded in the early 16th century, probably Saxon miners in the silver mines open r.1517 . 1546 was transferred to the Kingdom of Bohemia and upgraded to free mining town . His name was given to the rich silver and tin mines , where worked until the early 19th century.
In 1808 the city was hit by fire. On the square stands the building of the old town hall dating from 1844 to 1845 , the baroque church of St. Anne in 1771 , built on the site of an older Renaissance buildings .

     God's gift is also the birthplace of the poet and folk singer-songwriter Anton Günther , who in his works inspired by life in the Ore Mountains. His memorial is located on the square grave in the local cemetery. Other well-known personalities living in the past God Daru is important Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis .

     National Nature Reserve Božídarské moorland is the largest area in the Ore Mountains. It lies west of Dar God in nadm.výšce 940 - 1115 m.
Peat extraction took place here until the 2nd World War. The protection of this natural area was declared in 1965, covering an area of ​​929.5 hectares . Since 1977, passes through a nature trail in the length of 3.2 km . The territory is dominated by basalt pile Špičáku .
     On the northern edge of the reserve extends from the Black Brook 13 km long canal ditch Blatenský 1540. Along the creek are the sejpy - piles of tailings remaining after washing tin ore. Blatenský trench was in 1980 declared a technical monument. Along the ditch was built nature trail Blatenský ditch .

     God's gift lies on the border with Germany , in the saddle between the highest mountain in the Ore Mountains Klínovcem (1244 m) and Božídarským Špičákem (1115 m) .
About 4km from the town is the highest mountain on the German side of the Ore Mountains Fichtelberg (1214m)


The building is located in the center of highest city in the country.


Apartment 1

Apartment on the ground floor. Accommodation capacity 5 persons.


Apartment 2

Apartment in the attic. Accommodation capacity 7 persons.



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